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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Lie So Blatant Even AP Had To Call It A Lie

The media hesitates to call a lie what it is  - a lie. Romney's response to the events in Benghazi and Cairo was so craven that AP could help but call it what is was - a pack of lies.

The gunfire at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, had barely ceased when Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney seriously mischaracterized what had happened in a statement accusing President Barack Obama of "disgraceful" handling of violence there and at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.
"The Obama administration's first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks," Romney said in a statement first emailed to reporters at 10:09 p.m. Eastern time, under the condition it not be published until midnight.
 In fact, neither a statement by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo earlier in the day nor a later statement from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton offered sympathy for attackers. The statement from the Cairo Embassy had condemned anti-Muslim religious incitement before the embassy walls were breached. In her statement, issued minutes before Romney's, Clinton had offered the administration's first response to the violence in Libya, explicitly condemning the attack there and confirming the death of a State Department official.
Romney is a man that has nothing but political ambition.  No moral fiber, no ideology - just a lust for power and wealth.   He is unfit for any office and certainly not the highest office in the land.  I don't care how often he goes to church or how much treasure he gives to the church he is a sociopath.

And AP can expect to be targeted by the Romney campaign and the right wing media. This from NBC's First Thoughts:

*** Blame the media! After Romney’s rough day yesterday, we’ve seen conservative voices blame the media. John Podhoretz, in the New York Post, says “it is the view of much of the mainstream media and foreign-policy establishment that discussing these horrific events in the course of the presidential campaign is monstrous.” And in an editorial entitled “Romney Offends the Pundits,” the Wall Street Journal writes that Romney’s “political faux pax was to offend a pundit class that wants to cede the foreign policy debate to Mr. Obama without thinking seriously about the trouble for America that is building in the world.” But here’s what we don’t understand from both conservatives and liberals who blame the media in instances like this: They say on the one hand that the media doesn’t matter, and then on the other hand say it’s the media’s fault when something goes wrong. They can’t have it both ways. And here’s a final thing to remember: It is always losing campaigns – Democratic or Republican – that end up blaming the media. Also, there’s a crying-wolf aspect to media bias charges that critics ought to think about. We know, there’s a professional class that make their living searching for bias. But just because you think you see it, it doesn’t mean it’s there. Sometimes a bad day is a bad day.

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