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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Something Fishy in Minnesota

... and I don't mean the red snapper.

Some interesting news appears to be coming out of Minnesota this week. I found a very comprehensive and informative article over at Ladies Logic (an excellent Minnesota conservative - moderate blog, by the way) which details an ongoing investigation into the affairs of one Lori Swanson, the Democratic Attorney General of the state. There is still much more to be revealed, but some intriguing questions have already arisen.
  • Why have so many Attorneys General resigned or been driven out of that office?
  • Was there some sort of union busting activity going on?
  • Was there a cover up?
  • Were there any illegal activities?
We won't know the answer for a bit, but according to the Minnpost, an investigation is kicking off. Something's afoot in the North Star State, so do yourself a favor and swing by Ladies Logic for all the details. This one might blossom into a hot story in the near future.