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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oregon Radio

Today on Mid Stream Radio, (1:00 pm Eastern, 10:00 am Pacific) in the second half of the show we will be interviewing Jeff Merkley, a Democrat who is running for the United States Senate, hoping to unseat Republican Gordon Smith in November. We'll be covering some issues of local interest to Oregonians, as well as some of the larger issues of the day which Mr. Merkley will have to vote on if he is elected to the Senate. Jeff is currently the Speaker of the House in Oregon.

In the first half of the show, we'll welcome back my boss over at The Moderate Voice, Joe Gandelman to get his take on how Pennsylvania played out and what it portends for the future of the primary race.

If you would like to submit questions for either guest in our always lively web chat during the show, you'll need to make sure you have registered for a free user account at the BTR home page and grabbed a nickname for web chats. You can also call in during the show to (646) 595-3963.

See you on the radio.