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Thursday, April 10, 2008

McCain/Rice to take New York?

To borrow a classic line from Harry Carey, Holy Cow! Did you see the results of that Marist poll that said a John McCain - Condi Rice ticket would actually carry New York in November? No, this is not a satire post. They really printed this.
A McCain/Rice ticket would edge out both a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket for New York’s 31, usually true blue, electoral votes: 49% of registered voters in New York State support a John McCain/Condoleezza Rice ticket compared with 46% who support Hillary Clinton as president and Barack Obama as vice president. The Democrats don’t fare any better in New York with Obama at the top of the ticket as president and Clinton as vice president. McCain/Rice receives 49%, and Obama/Clinton has 44%. Although an Obama led Democratic ticket does better against McCain/Rice among non-enrolled voters than a Clinton/Obama ticket, Clinton/Obama is stronger with women against the Republicans.

Before you head for the fainting couch with a bad case of the vapors, allow me to remind you of something I wrote about recently. As long as we have this overheated, emotional fight going on between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, pollsters have some tough slogging ahead in doing their jobs. When they ring up an Obama supporter and ask if they would vote for Hillary as president or John McCain, they may well pick McCain or "I'll stay at home." Likewise for a Hillary advocate being asked about McCain vs a ticket with Obama at the top.

Stop and ask yourselves for a moment. Do you really see New York voting for a GOP ticket with John McCain and ANYONE? This is high comedy indeed. Condi Rice is not some Messiah to New Yorkers that will suddenly turn the Empire State red. Back away from the ledge, folks. This is a continuation of the decline in polling accuracy we've seen for some time now.