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Monday, April 28, 2008

Al Franken is a funny guy

But he's gotten even more funny since he decided to run for the Senate. Check out Ladies Logic for some information on how that Senate bid is going. Franken apparently neglected to pay his corporate taxes in a couple of states for several years.
The DFL is at a cross-roads in the Senatorial campaign. They can either find another candidate between now and their state convention, they can find someone to run a primary challenge to Franken (which will no doubt help Senator Coleman perserve campaign funds since he won't have a challenger until September) or they can stay with a Franken campaign that is self destructing at a rapid rate.

Note to Democrats: I don't care how good the polls look. You have to vet your candidates before you put them up against somebody with Norm Coleman's street cred. He may be vulnerable, but you've at least got to make the effort to find a candidate who is somewhere in the realm of reality in terms of political viability.