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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

State of the Campaign

Sorry about the lack of posts but the real world has has intruded on my blogging time. I did take an hour out today to discuss the recent primary results with Jazz and Barbara O'Brien of Mahablog on Mid Stream Radio. Barbara like many others is concerned that a primary that drags on to the convention will hurt the Democrats and give the election to John McCain. I don't share that fear, at least not yet. While I don't buy Kevin Drum's 1968 analogy there are still several reasons for this. Even a relatively dirty campaign will only result in getting material the Republicans would use for "October surprises" out in the open long before October so they can be refuted or forgotten. Second, it will keep the Democrats in the news while John McCain fades from sight. The most important reason I'm not that concerned is John McCain himself. John McCain is old, older than Reagan when he ran. John McCain often says things only a crazy old man would say. John McCain has been forced to accept the blessings of figures from the fringe of the religious right like John Hagee offending independents and even some Republicans. But most of all is this:Jazz covered it below but this campaign is indeed about the last eight years under a president that has an approval rating in the upper twenties. When Bush endorsed McCain today he said:
McCain ‘Is Not Going To Change’ My Foreign Policy
The last thing on earth the American people want is another four or eight years of Bush foreign policy. The picture of Cheney with Bush's hand on his back and George Bush's own words should be the center of the Democratic campaign. That includes the primary. If both Clinton and Obama try to convince they American People that they are better equipped to beat John McCain the long primary can be a good thing.