I put Middle Earth Journal in hiatus in May of 2008 and moved to Newshoggers.
I temporarily reopened Middle Earth Journal when Newshoggers shut it's doors but I was invited to Participate at The Moderate Voice so Middle Earth Journal is once again in hiatus.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spreading my evil influence far and wide

Since I'm sure most of you spend a lot of your day wondering, "How could I get access to even more of Jazz Shaw's pedantic ramblings?" we have some good news. Beginning this week, I will be a regular columnist at Joe Gandelman's excellent centrist blog, The Moderate Voice. I have been invited to join the team of contributors there as the site goes through some application upgrades and personnel changes. I will still be posting here at Middle Earth Journal primarily, but this opportunity should provide a chance to to bring a somewhat wider audience to the work of both Ron and myself - here and on the radio show - as well as making some good connections with other active voices in the punditocracy. Stay tuned for more developments.