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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On the Radio Today

Today on Mid Stream Radio, Ron and I will be chatting with Barbara O'Brien of Mahablog, one of the heavy hitting liberal blogs on the web today. Aside from learning about Barbara's plentiful punditry, we'll go over the results of yesterday's primary scrum and talk about Hillary's math problem moving forward from here. Let's face it... Obama failed to deliver the knock-out punch last night, so now we will all pay the price in a long, protracted fight which bloodies up the Democratic candidates while John McCain coasts toward November. Tune in and join us for the discussion. And remember, if you'd like to join in the always lively web chat, be sure to register for a free BTR user account at their home page and grab a nickname for the chats. While you're there, remember that you can select Mid Stream Radio as one of your "favorites" and the system will drop you an e-mail ahead of every show so you don't miss them.