I put Middle Earth Journal in hiatus in May of 2008 and moved to Newshoggers.
I temporarily reopened Middle Earth Journal when Newshoggers shut it's doors but I was invited to Participate at The Moderate Voice so Middle Earth Journal is once again in hiatus.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Moderate (Radio) Voice

For today's weekend review edition of Mid Stream Radio (1 pm eastern, 10 am pacific) Ron and I will once again be joined by the always entertaining Joe Gandelman of The Moderate Voice. We'll be going over some of the week's top stories, including the erupting chaos in Iraq, where some of those well trained Iraqi police forces met the challenge of the Mahdi Army by removing their uniforms and switching sides. We'll also talk about the vacuum of political news as we wait for the Pennsylvania primary to roll around.

Remember that you can call in to join the conversation at (646) 595-3963. (A call which is now toll free from most mobile cellular phones.) And you can always join in the lively web chat during the course of the show. (In order to participate in the chat, though, you will need to register for a free user account at the BTR homepage and grab a nickname to use in chat.)

See you on the radio!