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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I don't think this will help!

McCain has a problem he can't do anything about - he's 72 years old. So when Brit Hume tried to help him out by describing his Iran/al-Qaeda mix up as a "senior moment" I don't really think he helped him out very much.
I think it’s probably just a blip, but it was a bigger blip than he wanted or needed at the time. I think the overall impression of the trip was this is a man welcomed by, knowledgeable of and comfortable with foreign leaders across a big part of the globe. But the mistake, nonetheless, raises questions not about his knowledgability—we all kinda believe he has that—the question, perhaps, about his age, which is an issue. You know, the feeling was not that he’s a dope, didn’t know his way around, that he might have had a senior moment there, and I think that’s unfortunate for him. But I think probably the trip was a net plus.
Keep on spinning Brit. I really don't think the country is ready to trade a wet brained drunk for another president with Alzheimer's. Do you really want someone who might have a "senior moment" when he answers that now infamous phone call in the middle of the night. Somehow I think ignorance might play better. Of course he could always promise to have Lieberman in a nearby bedroom at all times.


Our friend Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast reports that all of the bobble talking heads on TV think that St Johns "senior momment" won't hurt him and that his trip was a plus. This in spite of the fact that 4,000 Americans have now been killed, the "Green Zone" is under a constant barrage of motor and rocket fire and 57 Iraqi's were killed. That surge sure is working John.