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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hillary's Ongoing Campaign

There are those who believe Hillary should get out, I advocated that in absence of wins on March 3rd. She got those wins, not by margins that would make her particularly likely make the large changes in delegate total required to win, but she carried those states. What this says is that there are a significant number of voters wanting a choice. I don't like Hillary one bit, but I like voters and I like choices. Yes, I'd prefer better choices than those available, but these are the available choices. Democratic Party unity is not the question, this Party can take a campaign.

The Democratic electorate deserves a chance to look at candidates and make decisions. Decisions based on policies, judgement, and campaigning. The campaigns might take this as a shot across the bow, you are performing before a Democratic electorate, you disregard that at your peril. I loath the Clinton 3:00AM ad, if I'd been in doubt regarding my vote, this would have finished the decision. I cannot imagine that I am alone in this regard. At the same time, the Clinton baggage from Bill's Presidency needs to be addressed carefully, there is a significant difference between what the Republicans made of it and what was there. I don't expect the gloves to be pillows or even stay on, but the blows still need to stay above the belt.

Ron's analysis of the benefits versus drawbacks of a continuing campaign strike me as accurate. What this gives to the Democratic Party is the ability to keep what its values are in comparison to the Republicans' and particularly McBush out in front. This is important, BushCo and its successor McCain need to be held to public scrutiny for as long as possible. The current uncertainty of the identity of the Democratic nominee also plays in favor of the Democrats. The Republican smear machine is unable to focus on one and its smears about any particular candidate do not look particularly intelligent with two running. The only real access they have to the media is through Pres 27% and when they do something particularly stupid or nasty, such as Hagee or Cunningham. McCain is now strapped firmly to BushCo, he can make statements about his opposition to them, but they ring very hollow in the face of events and his Bush kisses. When BushCo criticizes either or both Democratic candidates it does no more than validate them in the minds of a large percentage of voters and strongly contrasts McCain as the standard bearer of losers.

Besides all this, I'd like to see Oregon play in this election in May.