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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Deafening Silence

To read many right wing blogs, including some of our good friends at Hot Air and Right Wing Nuthouse, you would think that Barack (h-word) Obama hadn't held an exhaustive press availability for the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times over the Tony Rezko questions. But if you follow that link you will see the nearly endless transcript of an interview where Obama sought to clear the air and allowed the reporters to ask anything and everything they would care to ask about Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, his choice of housecats as a child and pretty much anything else. The result? There's just not much meat on 'dem bones, folks.

I could play the usual game here of listing various quotes from Obama, his answers to questions, etc. but for once I'll ask you to just click through and take the time to read the transcript, long though it may be. The purchase of his house? Explained. Rezko buying the lot next door? Explained. There are documented statements from the buyers, the sellers, the real estate agents, the lawyers. You may choose to not believe the answers if you wish, but if so, you probably weren't going to vote for Obama anyway.

As I said on Mid Stream Radio today, it's fine to accuse somebody of murder. But if you're going to keep doing it, you need to eventually produce a body. There is no body here. And the Right is being curiously silent about it. When Obama sandwiched in an interview between two events and only answered eight questions about Rezko, the Right crucified him for it. When he opens the valves and dumps everything aimed at him.... deafening silence.

At this point it looks like the only thing Obama's opponents have on him is his choice of church. There's a debate coming, and the more I hear, the less I'm worried about Obama's responses.