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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

State Of The Campaign

This morning on Mid Stream Radio Jazz and I discussed the presidential campaign with the Reaction's Michael Stickings . Jerome Armstrong still thinks Hillary has a chance. Michael, Jazz and I agreed that while the race is not over it is looking less likely that Hillary can pull it off. She needs big wins in most of the remaining contests with is looking increasingly unlikely with Obama's momentum. That said, what does Obama have to do to win the general election? I think that all he has to do is not make any serious mistakes. When it comes to Iraq and aggressive foreign policy in general John McCain is indeed the "straight talk express." Unfortunately McCain's positions are not held by two thirds of the voters. I have thought all along that Iraq will once again be an issue in November. McClatchy reports that violence has been increasing since November. As many of us suspected the "success" of the surge was temporary. As I discussed yesterday McCain refuses to back down on Iraq and is in fact more militant than the Bush administration. We also discussed McCain's infamous temper and how that could surface in the debates when he is pinned against the wall on Iraq. An angry 72 year old is not going to leave independents and even some Republicans with a comfortable feeling. The Democrats will be choosing the next President and at this point it looks like it will be President Obama.