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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Winners and losers!

The Iowa Caucus is over and there are winners and losers. On the Republican side John McCain is the winner because Mitt Romney is the loser. As we noted earlier McCain is really the only Republican anyone likes. Yes the Huckster won but he will not be the nominee. As I said earlier he is the Republican's worst nightmare - a social conservative and an economic populist. I think the latter is a big problem for the Republicans. The talking heads will talk up the evangelical meme but the reality is a majority of Americans don't see the "great economy" that is hyped by the administration and the corporate press. That said this is probably the Huckabee's first and last win. But it is a big loss for Romney and so the real winner is John McCain - the last man standing.

On the Democratic side this is a big win for Obama, a big loss for Hillary and the end for Edwards. That said, if we have learned anything up to this point it ain't over till it's over and this pundit realizes there are too many variables this time around to make a call at this point.

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