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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not Change and Hope

Sorry Senator Obama, this is not "the politics of change and hope":
Obama Campaign Co-Chair Questions Hillary's Tears
...there were tears that melted the Granite State. And those are tears that Mrs. Clinton cried on that day, clearly moved voters. She somehow connected with those voters.
But those tears also have to be analyzed. They have to be looked at very, very carefully in light of Katrina, in light of other things that Mrs. Clinton did not cry for, particularly as we head to South Carolina where 45% of African-Americans who participate in the Democratic contest, and they see real hope in Barack Obama.
Those comments by Obama Campaign Co-Chair Jesse Jackson Jr. don't represent the politics of change they are the kind of race-baiting comments that guaranteed that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would never be what Obama could be, a viable presidential candidate. This is bad politics and I question if it will even play out in the African-American community. Hillary may have won in New Hampshire not so much because of the tears but because of bloviating gasbags like Chris Matthews reaction to them.

Senator Obama must not only distance himself from the comments but fire the commentor at once if he is really serious about occupying the White House. Judging from past behavior I fear he won't.
Over at The Left Coaster eriposte has some thoughts

Update II
It would appear that Hillary Clinton may have some problems of her own. Hillary must distance herself from this at once. With nonsense like this maybe Edwards has a chance afterall.