I put Middle Earth Journal in hiatus in May of 2008 and moved to Newshoggers.
I temporarily reopened Middle Earth Journal when Newshoggers shut it's doors but I was invited to Participate at The Moderate Voice so Middle Earth Journal is once again in hiatus.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Comments

A few months ago I stopped using Haloscan for comments and switched to blogger comments in order to escape the daily job of spam deletion. Well I'm going to make yet another change. MEJ comments will now be through Disqus. I will allow anonymous comments but they will require moderation by either me or Jazz. If you register on the Disqus site your comments will not require moderation and it will also make it possible for you to comment on a growing number of blogs like The Moderate Voice and Captain's Quarters which require registration. You will be able to register from the post by clicking the Options button. I am doing this because it will allow threaded comments, avatars, while integrating all comments into a separate forum. I will probably make the change on Sunday or Monday.

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