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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mid Stream Radio - Fredhead Hump Day Edition

Ron and I take to the airwaves today on Mid Stream Radio (10:0 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern) for an interesting session. In the second half, we'll chat with Michael van der Galien of Poligazette about the demise of Fred Thompson's presidential aspirations and whether he was really just yanking around his supporters and playing for second place.

But first, we're working on a phone interview about immigration with a real, honest to goodness immigrant. (It may depend on how close the pay phone is to the day labor pickup point and how many quarters he has.)

Be sure to join us! You can call in at (646) 595-3963, and or join in the always lively web chat at the show's web page. Remember, if you want to participate in the conversation during the web chat, you'll need to register first for a free user account at Blog Talk Radio, which allows you to also have your own, unique user name in the chats. And while you're there, be sure to mark Mid Stream Radio as one of your favorites so you can get e-mail notifications of when we'll be on the air.

See you on the radio!