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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here we go again?

In 2000 enough people, at least in Florida, believed Ralph Nader when he said there was no difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush that we were able to find out just how wrong he was. Well Ralph is at it again:
Is A Nader Candidacy On the Horizon?
Ralph Nader, the nation's best-known consumer advocate, launched a website Wednesday to announce a national exploratory committee to test support for a possible fourth run for the presidency. Nader, who has been derided as a spoiler who helped elect George W. Bush in 2000, said he will decide in about a month.
I think that we can all assume that the Republican nominee will be John McCain. We can also assume that in spite of the hostility towards McCain the Republicans will get behind him. On the Democratic side there is incredible hostility towards Hillary Clinton. I have made it clear that neither Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would not have been my first choice. But come November a vote not cast for the one who wins the nomination is a vote for the Republican. If you think it wouldn't matter if it was Hillary Clinton or John McCain in the White House just think about the Supreme Court - think about two or even three new Alitos on the Supreme Court replacing two or three solid liberals. Sorry ladies but Roe V Wade is the least of my worries. I'm thinking of an ever powerful unitary executive, the continued loss of rights guaranteed under the constitution, increasing influence of radical Christianity in the government and increasing power of corporations pushing the US closer to the classical definition of fascism - government by and for corporations. Do you still think that Hillary would be no better than John McCain. If so you deserve the tyranny you will get. Unfortunately your children and grandchildren don't deserve it but will get it anyway.

I'm not finished yet. If John McCain does indeed unofficially at least become the Republican nominee shortly after Supper Tuesday the Republicans will be able to begin attacking the Democrats at once while the Democrats are still attacking each other. A brokered convention would all but guarantee a Democratic loss in November. John Edwards realized this and realized the importance of this election and that is why he quit the race. It is essential that the Democrats decide on a candidate a quickly as possible and quit attack each other between now and then.