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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hillary Derangement Syndrome has reached a new level. Now the horrible Richard Cohen writes and Obama hit piece. Is this Richard Cohen's fault? Not according to Ed Morrissey, no according to Ed it's - you guessed it - Hillary Clinton's fault.

John Cole sums up my feelings:

Christ, I don’t even like her, but I have never seen such an over-the-top effort to trash someone as I have seen launched at Hillary the past few weeks. We have reached the height of absurdity, and the Obama fanboy nonsense is bordering on the unhinged.

I think I have figured out this out. The Republicans are afraid of Hillary. They have been swift boating her for 16 years and she still has a higher approval rating than all of the Republicans except John McCain (and they don't like him either - not crazy enough).

McCain 53 - 27
Edwards 49 - 42
Clinton 48 - 50
Obama 43 - 51
Thompson 42 - 42
Giuliani 40 - 55
Huckabee 40 - 47
Romney 38 - 51

And then we have Obama - a clean slate - real swiftboat material. They will probably use the same Richard Cohen column for material if Obama gets the nomination.

Sorry Ed, just pathetic.