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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I don't know

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated in Pakistan
RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, Dec. 27 -- Former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday at a political rally, two months after returning from exile to attempt a political comeback.
Now I don't have a clue what this will lead to. It will further destabilize a country that is already unstable. Al Qaeda is taking credit but Musharraf is being blamed.

I also don't have a clue as to how this will impact US politics. Joe Scarborough thinks he knows - it will help Rudy the fascist but as Greg Sargent points out:
As Atrios says, the logic is very tortured here indeed. But it's actually worse than that. This rank bit of punditry serves as yet another reminder of just how gullible the pundit corps in general has been about Rudy's candidacy, on two levels: First, the near wholesale acceptance of the idea that Rudy's mayoralty counts as counter-terrorism experience; and second, the presumption that he automatically has a political advantage on terrorism over his rivals.
The Republicans themselves don't even see Rudy as being that strong on security.


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