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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Torture and Guns??

Just the other day Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer announced they would vote to advance Mukasey's nomination as AG, something I found distressing. Then I began to reflect on some of their previous stances on civil liberty issues, and one stood out like a sore thumb, that inconvenient Second Amendment. Like the torture issue that one was mis-defined and language mangled into a fare thee well by those of the gun banning instinct. Chuck and Diane were two of the most egregious offenders.

So, for those of you who find it an anathema to have an inability to recognize water boarding as plain out and out torture despite administration "special case" nonsense you should not look for allies among those who play the same game. The game is ignore the plain meaning of the Constitution in search of momentary security and political gain. Sorry to say it so plainly but these two are first cousins to BushCo, you forget such at your own peril. The BOR contains sacred cows for a lot of varied interests, not particularly surprising considering who wrote it, and you gore somebody else's cow at risk to your own cow.

Many "liberals" or "progressives" find my adamant support of the 2nd pretty peculiar for a left wing Democrat, but I am quite willing to point out that I am logically and philosophically consistent in my views and stands. I challenge you doubters to put yours to that test.

The beginning of the end for the 4th Amendment was not BushCo, it was the move against the Mafia involved in RICO, the ability of the government to seize your property on the basis of an allegation, not proof was a body blow to "unreasonable search and seizure." You went along with it because it was "aimed" at a despised minority, now it is aimed at YOU. You forgot, this kind of crap means all of us, not just a select few. Chuck and Diane figure Mukasey is the best available from George II so they'll just go along...

I give a rat's patoot whether you like my firearms or not, I'll keep them and I give a rat's patoot if you think I'm a racist for stating that illegal immigration is the hammer to crush blue collar wages and enrich the plutocrats. I'm left winger and intend to stand for and protect the left, from itself if necessary.

I'm real tired of watching the Congress pass whatever spending BushCo wants, they do not need to and there is no political price to be paid with anybody who would ever vote for them, but - momentary security rules there as well. They could pass legislation giving employers real employee verification and serious sanctions for violation of employment rules but that would alienate some big contributors and make them look mean to people who have no right to be in the country - much less competing for wages with those who do. Nah, it would mean acting on principles rather than getting along...

I hang onto my Democratic Party affiliation with less and less enthusiasm with each passing month, if I find myself once again voting for the least evil alternative for President that will probably be the end of it. The country is actually ripe for a pretty big change of direction (update edit)...and so...?

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  1. I'm a gun carrying lefty also and I never could understand the left's antipathy towards firearm ownership. It just never made any sense and gave the knuckledraggers a lot of reason to oppose progressive politics.


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