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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Please Bring Back The Firewall

I have a request of the New York Times, please bring back the firewall so I won't even be tempted to read moronic drivel like this:
Gift of Gall
As Greg Sargent points out Ms Dowd just makes up shit to make her case:
Reality to Maureen: Hillary and her campaign did not say...

(a) The male candidates are beating up on me because I'm a woman; or

(b) The male candidates should stop beating up on me because I'm a woman.
And I think Whiskey Fire gets it right:
Yes, the Idiot Princess™ is at it again, sharpening her tools for her paymasters who clearly fear Hillary with a pathology that must be based on some deep Freudian shit, to judge by its intensity and depth.
And as Taylor Marsh points out the Republicans really do fear her:
The tape above is interesting for what Scarborough has to say about Clinton. It's honest and transparent, something that is very rare right now. I've taken out after Scarborough before, but he is very frank about Republicans. ... ... .. In the deep dark, club chaired back rooms, Republicans are talking about what a nightmare Hillary Clinton might be to run against. As the Democrats in 1980 wished for Ronald Reagan, and got a nightmare landslide, Republicans are fearing, well, Hillary Clinton, according to Joe, while Democrats try to convince everyone they're hoping for her.
"Republicans are scared of Hillary Clinton." - Joe Scarborough
Karl Rove gave it away when he left the White House. Going on every show that would have him, including Rush, he stated over and over again that Clinton was flawed and had too many negatives. How many stories have been written saying many Democrats think the same thing? That was the giveaway. Because if Rove really wanted to run against Clinton he would have been talking about her formidable presence and how she was the one to beat, not playing into the real Democratic fears of some. Rove was trying to scare Democrats away from Clinton.
So MoDo is now an official part of the Rove/Republican spin machine.

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