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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Odd GOP Web Search Results

Happy Thanksgiving! While everyone else is getting ready for their big family dinner, I'm still pouring through the web for blogging purposes. Sad, I know. But to the matter at hand, I had lost my bookmark for the Giuliani campaign's home page when seeking some contact information, so I turned to a Google Search on the phrase 'Giuliani campaign" and look at the top results I received.

Isn't it odd that with such a clearly defined search term, Mitt's campaign page came up as the second hit? I know that Google has had their search engine gamed before, but I wouldn't have expected this one.

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  1. The items in the top yellow box are not search results but paid advetisements-the way google makes money. Someone from the Romney campaign paid to have that ad placed when any number of searches with the word Giuliani appears.

    That said the search engine alogrythm can be gamed by individuals. If enough bloggers turned Giuliana campaign into a hyperlink going to the Romney campaign it would begin to show up in the actual search results.


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