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Monday, November 19, 2007

It's not over until it's over.....

.....unless you're Fred
The latest poll from New Hampshire shows some real movement - in the wrong direction for Fred and Rudy.
Thompson skids while Romney, Paul climb in N.H. poll
Thompson came into the GOP race late with the hope of winning over social conservatives unsatisfied with the rest of the party's field, and racked up a key endorsement from the National Right to Life Committee last week. But the former star of the television drama "Law and Order" has trailed the GOP front-runners in early voting states since entering the race in August, and his support in New Hampshire dropped from 13 percent in a September poll to 4 percent in November's survey.
By contrast, Romney's support grew from 25 percent to 33 percent over the same period; McCain held steady at 18 percent; and Giuliani dipped from 24 to 16 percent.

Meanwhile, the percentage of support for Paul grew from 4 percent to 8 percent, putting him fourth among the GOP contenders in the Granite State.
I suspect this indicates that people are getting to know the candidates. In Fred's case once you get to know him you realize there's not much to know. In Rudy's case once you get to know him you don't like him very much.


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    About right, except that as usual Dr. Paul's support is underreported by about a third to a half or more...because of the polling methods.

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I love when Sean Hannity asked the question about Ron Paul in New Hampshire, "You don't think he could win this thing do you?" You could literally smell the fear in his voice. The so-called "mainstream" media or OLD media, is shaking in their collective boots. Their lies are being exposed on a DAILY basis. Their ability to pick our leaders is in SERIOUS trouble and they are getting desperate.


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