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Friday, November 02, 2007

Hillary still has big lead

I questioned whether Hillary Clinton's "poor" performance in the "debate" would do any real harm and it didn't. Let's be honest, no body watched it but the pundits and they only watched it so they would have something to talk about when nobody was listening. The latest Rasmussen Poll shows that if anything she gained in the polls.
Data from the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that on the two nights following the debate (Wednesday and Thursday) Clinton held a 45% to 18% lead over Barack Obama. For Clinton, that’s an improvement from Monday and Tuesday nights when her lead over Obama had been 40% to 24%.

John Edwards was at 10% on the first two nights and 12% on Wednesday and Thursday. Bill Richardson went from 5% to 7% during the same time frames.
Although I still don't like her she does still have more support as the one most likely to have what it takes to keep Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney out of the White House.

It would appear that the real looser was Obama who needed to hit a home run and just got a single.

On the other side Giuliani continues to try to sound like George Bush and Dick Cheney on steroids at a time that Bush's approval rating is now below 50% in all 50 states - a first.


  1. You said : In regard to Hillary
    I questioned whether Hillary Clinton's "poor" performance in the "debate" would do any real harm and it didn't.
    By the way I thought your picture of Rudy was really in poor taste/
    But to get back to the original statement about Hillary, if you think that debate didn’t hurt her then you MUST be one of her biggest supporters.
    She was at her VERY worst and it made the simpletons like Obama and Edwards look like GIANTS!

  2. I don't know what polls you follow, but.. October 31, 2007 - Treat For Giuliani As He Inches Ahead Of Clinton, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Trick For Clinton As She Drops Overall


    And to get back to your original post, Here's what she is doing, Democrats, and you must know this: NOTHING will stand in her way because she has no scruples and no moral compass. This means she will lie about everything to get elected. It doesn't matter if it's true or not and so her promises mean nothing.
    Only Non-informed suckers would ever vote for that Marxist phony.

  3. Hillary a Women? What a joke!
    She has a mouth like a truck driver and She hasn't been in a kitchen since Moby Dick was a sardine.

  4. All I could think of watching Hillary at the end of the debate facing the question about illegal aliens getting driver’s licenses was that episode of Star Trek where the robots start malfunctioning because they can’t reconcile

    Now the Hillary Mafia is trying to blame Tim Russert for not being nice. Heck if she can’t handle tough questions from people like Russert, how can she face the terrorists???

    She wants to be President? ? I don't think I want to see that!

    I must laugh at their devils night appearances. How is it the Democrats did not realize it was devils night
    Tim Russert better be very carful, he may wake up one morning and find the head of a horse in his bed.

  5. Well Hippy my friend, let me sat this, while the MSM has all but crowned Hillary Clinton as the next President of The United States , the latest Rasmussen poll has a slightly different story. A story that is good news for those of us who understand that the Hildabeast is not only dangerous but will take this nation into a deliberate path toward Socialism.

    According to the Rasmussen poll, in a head to head race between Fred Thompson, Hillary has only a 2 point lead as compared to as much as a 12 point lead only a few weeks back. Rudy Giuliani fairs even better. In the same head to head match up Rudy has a 2 point LEAD over the Hildabeast as compared to a six point deficit only a few weeks back.
    Hillary whines about moderately tough questions. (No one even asked why she opposed the Coburn amendment, which tried to exclude felons and gang members from the amnesty bill.) And yet, she’s wooden and angry and only the utter lameness of her opponents keeps her from looking totally outmatched.

    Something tells me the average lefty might not be so happy, come Nov. 2008, as they are hoping.

    Could it be that the American people are starting to see through the Clinton snow job ? It certainly looks that way. Let's hope the trend continues!
    I think it's time that YOU re-write your blog, it just don't seem to be very truthful at this time


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