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Monday, November 19, 2007

Geek Tech

We normally don't cover much techno-geek stuff here (aside from Ron's digital art wizardry) but I wanted to take a moment to make a quick post on a product I just received in the mail. It's the 2.0 Speaker from Kinyo. Normally intended for iPods, handheld video games and the like, this little speaker is also really great for laptops, which I know many of us use.

It's really tiny and has a mini audio jack which can plug right into the audio out jack of your laptop computer. The sound isn't for the high end audiophile, so if you're hoping to listen to music you may want to stick to your headphones. But if you just want some decent audio output for listening to the audio track on videos, newsclips or internet radio (hint hint) it's quite decent. Runs on two AAA batteries and fits in your pocket easily.

I got mine for free as a gift reward for participating in Gallup's online survey program, but I see they are for sale at various outlets for as little as five bucks. Not bad for such a handy little item.

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