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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Diving into the talk radio swamps

Behind the scenes, Ron and I have been discussing dipping a toe into the world on internet based talk radio in the political sphere. The best format for this I've seen is Blog Talk Radio, where you can listen to a huge variety of radio shows right over your computer, and/or download them in podcast form for later listening in a variety of formats. You can also call in to any show, as well as participate in interactive chat rooms for most of them while the show is going on. I have already been participating on a regular basis in a show for primarily conservative listeners hosted by Ed Morrissey from Captain's Quarters. (Heading Right Radio, hosted by Ed, can be found here.)

This is still in the formative phase, and Ron and I haven't really gotten all of the scheduling issues worked out about when and where we'll both be available, but having set up a host account and done a couple of test runs, I've been thinking it's time to "talk or get off the pot" if you will. And so, without further ado, tomorrow it looks like I'll be launching an initial offering of Mid Stream Radio with a goal in mind of airing political discussions, with a variety of guests, geared towards moderates, independents, and people who don't want their political engagement to be limited to the fringe echo chamber of either end of the spectrum.

The first show should be kicking off at 1:00 pm Eastern time (which is 10:00 am pacific) at the link below. Future show scheduling will depend largely on the aforementioned scheduling issues as to whether Ron and/or I can both make it on for any given slot. But at any rate, if you'd like to hear some of the issues we cover here in an audio format in real time, tune in and give it a listen. The link below will take you the page for the show when showtime rolls around.

Listen to Jazz and Ron on internet talk radio

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