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Friday, October 19, 2007

This doesn't really surprise me!

I have watched the Fox News All Stars for sometime. Although there is rarely any reason on the show conservative Roll Call editor Mort Kondracke has become the voice of reason on occasion. Unlike the moronic Fred Barnes and the really horrible Charles Krauthammer, Mort Kondracke quit drinking the kool-aide some time ago. He will roll his eyes when Fred Barnes says one of his patented really stupid things and actually looks frightened when Krauthammer speaks. So while this surprised many on the left it really didn't surprise me.
Fox News anchor slams Bush’s SCHIP double standard
Yesterday, on Fox News’ All Star Panel, conservative Roll Call editor Mort Kondracke slammed President Bush’s SCHIP “compromise,” which “cut[s] off about a million children from the rolls.” Kondracke called Bush out on making a prominent 2004 campaign promise to expand children’s health insurance:
You have George Bush, who promised in 2004 at the Republican National Convention that he was going to cover millions of children who were not covered by SCHIP if he was reelected? And what does he do? He proposes a bill that would result in almost a million kids losing their coverage from the level it’s at. It’s no wonder Bush’s approval ratings is in the 30’s.
Kondracke suggested a few weeks ago that the American people were fed up with what Bush and the Republicans had done to the country and as a result the Democrats would win big in 2008. This of course resulted in Fred Barnes saying one of his patented really stupid things.

Kondracke is one of the old school Republicans who realize that Bush has destroyed the Republican Party along with the country.

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