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Thursday, October 18, 2007

They just can't believe it

The criminally insane neocons at the Weekly Standard like Michael Goldfarb just can't believe that those who are bleeding as a result of their madness aren't just as insane as they are. Goldfarb responds to this with disbelief:
Paul leads in donations from military voters, with Obama next
WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, the congressman from the Houston area who opposes the Iraq war, has gotten more contributions than any other White House contender from donors identified as affiliated with the military.

According to a Houston Chronicle analysis of campaign records from January through September, Paul received $63,440 in donations from current military employees and several retired military personnel.

Democrat Barack Obama, another war critic, was second in military giving. The Illinois senator got $53,968 during the nine months.

He was followed by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, a decorated Navy pilot and former Vietnam prisoner of war, who received $48,208 in military-related giving. McCain has been one of the most vigorous defenders of President Bush's decision this year to increase U.S. troops in Iraq.

The military contributions — nearly 1,000 of them are listed in Federal Election Commission records for this year — represent a small fraction of the overall contributions to the candidates.
With the exception of Bush's sycophant General those in the military know that the neocon's folly in Mesopotamia is destroying the military for nothing. The fact that it is also destroying their families and their lives doesn't help either.

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  1. Americans should not be giving their lives for an Islamic country with an Islamic Constitution - which Iraq is and has.

    It's irrelevant at this time whether anyone was pro or con about invading but what is important is why are we there under a constitution of the Koran!

    I'm voting for Ron Paul and he's at the top of my blog. Beyond the war I support his long-held belief in us minding our own business, getting back to our Constitutional laws, reducing government in our lives, and deleting many oppressive BIG GOVERNMENT agencies - including the IRS and worthless Dept. of Homeland "security".


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