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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Over the cliff

I haven't talked about Bush's veto of SCHIP and I'm glad I didn't because Joe Gandelman does a great job of summing it all up and pointing out what this will do to the Republicans in 2008. Go read Joe's post but here is a snip:
It takes some financially well-off, pampered politicians who themselves receive government health insurance to sour — or perhaps if the illnesses are grave even end -- a kid’s childhood because they seek to make political statements, pursue personal ideological jihads, or try to position themselves or their political party.

Their supporters will angrily deny it, but in these politicians are not viewing children as physically and emotionally fragile and impressionable members of our society who deserve our utmost protection and nurturing and our highest lets-pull-out-all-stops priority.
The Republicans who hope to be elected in 2008 should realize that's the way a vast majority of voters will see it.

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