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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nothing new!

Steve Soto described the most recent Republican debate like this:
At last night’s GOP debate, like geriatric frat boys at the AARP kegger, the GOP field popped their Viagras, each one bragging that they would be the most manly to stand up to Big Bad Bill and Hill. This act is likely to get old before very long, because voters will want to know how grown men can be so out of touch with the challenges facing everyday Americans and still be fixated on stopping Hillary Clinton.
Well believe it or not even David Broder stayed awake long enough to notice:
But what was striking about the performance of the leading Republicans was the absence of fresh policy ideas. A listener satisfied with President Bush's economic policies would be safe to assume their continuation -- if any of them wins. But given the economic travail in Michigan, such complacency seemed more than a little odd.
This is what has struck me as really odd, at a time when George W. Bush is very close to being the most unpopular president in modern history (with the exception of Ron Paul) the Republican candidates are all promising more of the same. Is it possible that none of them have the capability of coming up with anything new?

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