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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Is the end near?

As I reported yesterday, It's official - the surge is a failure!. The Iraqis themselves have given up on reconciliation. At the same time they want the mercenary cowboys of Blackwater out of their country. While George W. Bush and his sycophant General, Petraeus, continue to beat the drums of war an Iraq official says "big fat no" to attack on Iran. As I've suggested here before an overt attack on Iran will result on much of the Iraqi Security Force turning on the US military. The right wingers saw this as good news for the war effort: Shi'ite leaders seal pact to curb violence. As I suggested here, probably not:
If the two Shi'ite factions are not fighting each other they will have more time to fight the US and the Sunni. That will be critically important if the lunatics in charge actually do attack Iran. The largely Shi'ite security forces the US has armed and trained will turn on the US troops.
The bottom line is that the Iraqis have had it with the US occupation. Over 70% of the people want the US out and think that it's OK to kill Americans. The Iraqi government has given the Blackwater cowboys six months to get out of Dodge. How much longer before the give the US occupation forces a deadline and we have another helicopter on the roof moment, this time in the Green Zone.
To further complicate things we have this, the Southern supply routes (and escape route) is about to be cut off.
British pullout in Iraq leaves Basra in chaos
WASHINGTON - The British troop pullout from Iraq announced yesterday leaves Basra, Iraq's second largest and most strategically important city, in near total chaos both politically and militarily.

It comes at a time when at least four Shia militias are fighting over the city, which is surrounded by most of the nation's tremendous oil reserves and provides Iraq's only gateway to the sea.

Equally vital for U.S. strategists, the city also controls the southern portion of the road from Kuwait to Baghdad, along which mostly all U.S. supplies are brought in.

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