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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Iraqis to Bush/Cheney - Forget it

There were several reasons for the Bush/Cheney invasion and occupation of Iraq - none of which were publicly stated.
  1. Control of the oil
  2. Control of the economy
  3. A permanent military presence in the region
The Iraqis have refused to pass the oil bill that would make their oilfields a veritable cookie jar for western oil companies. They have recently awarded rebuilding contracts to both China and Bushcos arch enemies the Iranians to build power plants and now Think Progress reports they have said no to permanent military bases.
The Iraqi government has “put the U.S. on notice” that they do not want permanent U.S. bases in Iraq, CNN reports today. The message was “delivered directly to Vice President Dick Cheney at the White House” by Iraqi National Security Adviser Mowaffak Al-Rubaie, who told CNN that Iraqis say, “No, big fat no, N-O for the bases in Iraq”:
The people of Iraq, the parliament, the council of representatives and the government of Iraq, they all say no, big fat no, N-O for the bases in Iraq. No military bases for Iraq because we believe that is in direct encroachment to our soveriegnty, and we don’t need it.
As Steve Soto says:
The total failure of the Bush policy is on full display here.

The Chinese:
  1. Let the Americans die providing overall security in the country, while they
  2. Invest directly in Shiite areas to guarantee security from the Iranians and Shiite leaders.
That's right, Americans will now be dieing to protect Chinese and Iranian interests. Meanwhile to permanent military presence and the western oil companies get shut out.

Add to that the American economy is in ruin and the dollar is falling because of Bush's war. The military is also in ruin. And at the same time al-Qaeda is stronger than ever. These people should not only be impeached but put in jail for life. Traitors - that's what they are.

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