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Sunday, October 14, 2007

How Insane?

How insane are Dick Cheney and Norman Podhoretz? They are so insane that certified lunatic Frank Gaffney thinks they are insane.
Before We Bomb Iran …
Shouldn't we give peace a chance?
But shouldn't we give peace a chance? Frank Gaffney thinks so. For two decades, it was impossible to out-hawk this guy on anything. Gaffney is still a bellicose Reaganite, but the "bomb now" crowd is apparently giving even some neocons serious pause. "We know there's broad and deep popular support for our side in Iran," Gaffney says. Bombing dispersed and deeply buried nuclear sites not only isn't practical, it "would almost certainly drive the population into the arms of the [radical] mullahs." To try something else first—something that Gaffney concedes might not work— his Center for Security Policy began agitating after 9/11 to "divest terror."

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  1. I saw Gafney a couple nights ago on Steven Colbert and at first I thought I'd lost my memory, nope it was him and pitching divestment instead of bombing. Huh? was my first reaction. My second was, holy sh** the loons in the WH have even scared this one??


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