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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation uses Linux?

(Updated and Moved Up)

This is interesting: MEJ had a hit from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today and guess what? It uses Linux and FireFox.

Just to be fair MEJ's Bill in DC tells us why this might be.
I'm not certain of this, but in all fairness, the Gates Foundation may use Linuxx on account of tax law restrictions on private foundations purchasing products from related parties. The rules are quite strict--they're similar to (and served as the model for) the rules against transactions between pension plans and related parties, which I'm very familiar with. Violations are subject to a severe penalty tax and quite possibly disqualification from private foundation status, which would mean the Gates Foundation would become a taxable entity.
OK, I've been fair to Bill Gates as difficult as that might be. I guess that makes me "fair and balanced".

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    Hah-ha-ha! You've made my day. :-D


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