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Saturday, September 08, 2007

What really scares me

Below Chuck takes exception to the adolescent bravado of George W. Bush's "kicking ass" statement as well he should. But that was not all of the dismal and embarrassing Bush performance at APEC. Barbara O'Brien gives us a summary and a video clip and directs us to this article in the Economic Times of India.
Bush botched yet again
SYDNEY: Even for someone as gaffe-prone as US President George W Bush, he was in rare form on Friday, confusing Apec with Opec and transforming Australian troops into Austrians. President Bush’s tongue started slipping almost as soon as he started talking at a business forum on the eve of an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit in Sydney.
“Mr Prime Minister, thank you for your introduction,” he told Prime Minister John Howard. “Thank you for being such a fine host for the Opec summit .”

As the audience of several hundred people erupted in laughter , Mr Bush corrected himself and joked, “He invited me to the Opec summit next year.”Australia has never been a member of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Later in his speech, Mr Bush recounted how Mr Howard had gone to visit “Austrian troops” last year in Iraq. There are, in fact, no Austrian troops there. But Australia has about 1,500 military personnel in and around the country.

Upon finishing his speech, the US president took the wrong way off-stage and, looking perplexed, had to be re-directed by Mr Howard to a centre-stage exit. But not before a veteran White House correspondent seized the opportunity to ask Mr Bush whether there had been any new message in his speech. Apparently misunderstanding the question, he bristled and asked, “Haven’t you been listening to my past speeches?” before turning away.
So Dubya has never been the sharpest knife in the kitchen but this example of back to back idiocy is a new record even for him. So is he about crack up. Rosa Brooks writes in the LA Times that he is a lonely man now that Karl, Gonzo and Rummy are gone. Barbara says:
Let’s face it; Bush doesn’t do the diplomacy thing well. Or the President thing. Or even the human being thing.

And he’s never been the sharpest tack in the box, but a few more performances like this might indicate some kind of psychological breakdown. The sheer weight of the bullshit Bush must carry around in his head would crush anybody.
A moron as president is scary enough but one that is over the edge bat shit crazy?

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