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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The President - Four Lies

...in the first minute and a half of his "address" to the nation. I don't mind that politicians choose their words carefully or that sometimes they bite off more than they can chew with their commitments, but out and out lying gets me pretty furious. The President of the United States of America is not supposed to get up and Propagandize us. Fighting al Qaeda in Iraq is not vital to our security, there is no intelligence estimate that makes the case. Things are not better in Iraq, not militarily, not politically. Anbar had nothing to do with the surge, it started before, and large amounts of bribes and weapons (more bribes) had everything to do with it, that and al Qaeda in Iraq atrocities (and foreignness - yes Iraqis are xenophobic). Finally, the President is not moving toward the center or the Democrats or the country as a whole, he is bowing to the inevitable, the surge must end, there are not troops available to replace the rotations and the Army has flatly refused to extend tours to 18 months.

Throw in, half way through, the requisite 9/11 reference to lessons learned and the assertion that this war is stabilizing the Middle East and you have a wonderful example of deception and outright lies. What makes it worse is CNN and CBS (at the least) making the case that the BushCo is engaging in a troop drawdown on the basis of success...I could puke.

And now we have another sophomoric slogan, "Return on Success," and no, the investment metaphor was not lost on me, particularly considering the BushCo plutocratic pal's return on the troops' investments.

I've had a tough work week and I was going to allow myself some measure of peace and not watch the Liar in Chief, but I knew I'd hear about it and hear about it on all the news channels so I got my outrage fix in person. I'm sorry, some of my anger is about shame that this twit leads a nation with our heritage.

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