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Friday, September 14, 2007

It's all about not losing

Josh Marshall this morning:
Whatever ...
Let's start by stipulating that the arguments for our Iraq policy have been a pretty big crock for a really long time. We want to calm the place down so they can have democracy. As long as we can also get all the terrorists there so we can fight them in one place of our choosing. Or we need to fight in Iraq because the real threat is Iran. Etc. etc. etc.

We know all the rationales. I've even made something of a career of chronicling them. But as we saw in President Bush's speech last night things have gotten to a point where the White House spinmeisters hardly seem even to have their heart in it anymore. And the president just seems to be living in some sort of alternative universe populated by the failed gods of his narcissism and vainglory.
It has been obvious that the debacle in Iraq has been lost for two or even three years. So how can some continue to defend Bush's "stay the course"? Even though both Johnson and McNamara knew the Vietnam war was lost in 1967 there are still those who think (loudly) that it could have been won. We are of course talking about the Swift Boat crowd. In Iraq we have the Swift Boaters and their younger recruits who simply can't accept that fact that US military power can't always prevail. Now I believe that Bush himself and many if not most members of his administration know that his misadventure in Iraq is a failure. Their motive is simple and understandable - to save Bush's "legacy". But what about those who continue to support the losing cause. It's a personality type. Now none of us like to lose - like to admit that we were wrong. But there are some who simply can't - not won't but can't.

More psychoanalysis from Digby:
It's become clear in the last few years that right wingers are psychologically unfit to lead the nation. Vast numbers of them are "conservative" not due to philosophy but to cover up for serious personal issues with sexuality, masculinity, oedipal complexes and worse. In fact, it's so pervasive that one must now assume that conservative political leaders are driven by a complicated desire to compensate for psychological problems rather than the usual political mix of ambition, ego and drive to power. There are just too many examples of disturbed, neurotic, secretive GOP hypocrites out there. It's a feature not a bug.

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  1. Now none of us like to lose - like to admit that we were wrong. But there are some who simply can't - not won't but can't.

    Okay, they can't admit anything voluntarily, but I'd love to watch some of these miserable cowardly bullies 'fess up in public. Make them cop a plea and apologize to the judge, on TV of course.

    It'll never happen, but a fellow can dream, can't he?


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