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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Israel Makes a Hole

This much is apparent, though not confirmed, Israeli jets crossed into Syria and bombed something. BBC has looked at it and is mystified, there is evidence of dropped fuel tanks and Syria complained - quietly - to the UN. Israel and the US have nothing to say. Area neighbors are stunningly quiet, Israeli jets over an Arab country and none of the Arabs have anything to say. It is true that the Syria/Iran connections are not popular with the Sunni Arab nations, but neither is Israel.

The Telegraph makes a connection between the docking of a N Korean cargo ship Al Hamed and the strike. After unloading the ship has disappeared from data sites. The strike occurred three days later in the NE corner of Syria near the Iraq border. Ronen Solomon, an Israeli data analyst who made the connection also noted that the ship had been owned by a N Korean business until a few months ago when ownership was transferred to a yet unidentified group.

Nobody is willing to talk about the raid. Haaretz makes note of a Syrian/N Korean meeting in Pyongyang preceding the strikes. Speculation is that the US shared intelligence with Israel regarding the meeting, but nobody is talking about that, either.

The silence is deafening, a CNN correspondent stated that he had seen photographs of a single building with a single hole in it, dead center, and yet nobody has anything to say in the face of the escalating tensions between Israel and Syria beginning with the Lebannon war. George Bush was downright testy with David Gregory about not addressing the situation. It is not the hole that is distressing, it is the silence.

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