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Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally a Good Use for the Blogosphere

Every once in a while somebody puts this whole blogging thing to good use. Finding ways to get direct answers from political candidates to questions we might actually care about is something I think everyone should be able to get behind. So many of the debates have moderators who do nothing but feed the same old pablum into the gaping maws of the candidates and allow them to spew the same tired old talking points.

Even though he sings from the Right side of the aisle, Capt. Ed Morrissey has come up with a creative answer. He's putting user generated questions to GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson and getting video answers directly from the candidate. The first answer is on the subject of tax reform - one which doesn't get nearly enough coverage in the debates - and it's nice to see a candidate getting ... well... "candid" in front of a hand held camera and talking directly to the voters.

It would be nice to see some of the Democratic bloggers taking this sort of initiative and putting questions in this format to the Democratic candidates. For that matter, the rest of the GOP crew could do the same thing. More information is better, and this is a nice, direct pipeline to the people.

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