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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All that oil

Perhaps Dick Cheney's oil friends will start to lose interest in Dick's war.
UPDATE: Gunmen Blow Up Iraq's North Export Pipeline -Official
AMMAN -(Dow Jones)- Unknown attackers have blown up part of an Iraqi pipeline that pumps crude oil from Kirkuk oil fields to the Turkish export terminal, Ceyhan, a senior Iraqi oil official and a shipping agent said Wednesday.

"The pipeline was attacked and damaged Tuesday," the official told Dow Jones Newswires by telephone from Baghdad.

The attack took place in the section of the pipeline connecting the oil-rich city of Kirkuk to the Baiji, home to Iraq's largest oil refinery. Iraq usually pumps Kirkuk crude oil to the refinery, 250 kilometers north of Baghdad, which takes what it needs before it pumps the rest to Ceyhan.

The official said the pipeline blast was "catastrophic" as it caused huge quantities of crude oil to spill into the Tigris River.

It isn't known yet how long it will take the Iraqi authorities to repair the damaged pipeline.

A Middle East shipping agent based in Ceyhan, through which Iraq exports its Kirkuk crude to Europe, confirmed the flow of oil via the export pipeline was on hold Wednesday.

The agent expected damage to the pipeline to delay or cancel a tender announced last week by the country's crude oil marketing arm, SOMO, to sell 5 million barrels.
Cheney's invasion and occupation of Iraq for oil isn't working out any better than the rest of the war. There are plenty of insurgents to insure that the US doesn't get their hands on Iraqi oil.

Boy that surge sure is working isn't it?

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