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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This is what will bring the US down!

Interstate Bridge Collapses Into Mississippi River in Minneapolis
An eight-lane highway bridge clogged with rush-hour traffic buckled and collapsed into the Mississippi River in central Minneapolis yesterday evening, pitching throwing numerous vehicles into the roiling water below. At least sevensix people were killed and dozens were injured, authorities the city's mayor said.

Emergency officials said the toll could was likely to rise as rescuers, hampered by burning cars and hunks of shattered broken roadway, scoured the debris-clogged river for survivors.
Now according to wingnut biggot Mark Fuhrman who was interviewed on the Sean Hannity show we should be looking at the 30 member construction crew for terrorists.(sorry-no links I just heard it on FOX)
Sorry, we should be looking at the revenue starved collapsing infrastructure of the United States. A much greater threat than al-Qaeda could ever be.

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