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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Of Cakewalks and Letting Them Eat Cake - II

I responded to Jazz's post below on DLCers Martin O'Malley and Harold Ford Jr's "advice" in the comments section but felt that I needed to say more. While I agree that the Democrats must appeal to the center the DLC is not the model to use. The DLC is right of center - made up of people like Joe Lieberman and Marshall Whitmann who are still cheer leaders for a war that two-thirds of the American people now oppose. The DLC better represents the military industrial complex than the average American. The DLC has pushed trade agreements that have resulted in Americans losing their jobs to overseas factories. If you ask Americans how they feel about issues individually you will find that they agree with the dreaded base more often than with the corporatist DLC. The only thing the DLC can show for their existence is Bill Clinton's presidency, both the House and the Senate were lost during that time. When the DLC was taken out of the loop in 2006 the Democrats won.

Yes the Democrats must appeal to the center but the DLC is consistently right of the center.

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