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Saturday, August 04, 2007

A New Sheriff in Town

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In order to actually understand this little post you have to know what cowboy action shooting is, Single Action Shooting Society is your best reference, but the short of it is shooting period guns on several courses that are varied and scored on time and hit on the steel sillouettes. If you go to Chuck for... and use the labels index Cowboy Action you'll find articles about guns and courses. What follows is from my blog where this has had a run. I'm tired of "bridge fights" and so is Ron and so here's some just plain fun stuff. Hey, no kidding around about safety, those revolvers shoot honest to gosh .45 Colt as does the 1873 Winchester rifle and the double barrel is 12 ga, we use low powered rounds for matches but these are very real firearms.
***Chuck for***

I know I said I wasn't interested in playing dress up, well, it is a part of the game and so I went far enough with it to satisfy most requirements. Though it insulted me no end, I bought a pair of cowboy boots, my logging boots are disqualified by having traction soles. I have never liked cowboy boots, my feet are wide and my toes completely unacquainted with pointy toed shoes. I've been putting a bunch of boot oil on them and achieved minor relief. The drawers are Carharts I wear for work, the shirt and tie are new western stuff, the vest is Salvation Army suede and the hat is "cheap" Stetson felt. Overall about $140 invested in dress-up cowboy gear.

I can't keep a straight face in that get up. No, I'm not in the least interested in buying a horse or a steer.
Look out Republicans, there's a new sheriff in town.

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