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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Mesopotamia News Wire - 8-27

Yes, in spite of all the attention being paid to Gonzo's departure and Idaho's Larry Craig there is still a war going on in Iraq.

Our friend Cernig at Newshoggers described it as A FOXNews Op-Ed The Right Won't Be Linking Today. FOX news military analyst Colonel David Hunt took George W. Bush to the wood shed for his Vietnam/Iraq analogy. Cernig has the details - follow the link.

George W. Bush and the war supporters were all excited about an "agreement" among the three main factions in Iraq. In reality the agreement was much ado about nothing and the Sunni politicians weren't impressed.
BAGHDAD - Sunni politicians applauded goals set down in an agreement hammered out by the country's top leaders under intense American pressure but expressed doubt Monday that the U.S.-backed prime minister would actually see them through.
Here in my part of the reality based community the reality as I see it is not pretty. The US occupation of Iraq will continue at present levels until April when a slow withdrawal will out of necessity begin. The Democrats won't attempt to change anything without Republican support and the Republicans will continue to support Bush knowing full well that support will take them over a cliff in 2008. The US will finally withdraw in 2009 and the neocons and Bush cultists will attempt to blame the failure of Bush's folly on those dreaded "Democratic Liberals". A majority of US citizens will know better.

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