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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dogs Barking At Night,

at the wind in the trees, after the burglar has already made off with the goods... Larry Craig has provoked an uproar in Republican circles, they're ready for his head to be off and what is it all about? A minor misdemeanor that amounts to a traffic ticket. Don't bore me with his "hypocrisy" that's already a Republican definition, that's not it, IT'S SEX.

Look here, how many of them are keeling over from outrage about bribery, cronyism, politicizing justice, Constitutional violations, ...(should I keep going until I bore you?) Now I'm in entire agreement that the Minneapolis thing is creepy but it's not an unusual crime, in fact, it is common-annoyingly common enough to merit police stings. Think about a crime sting that involves spending hours sitting on a toilet in a public restroom - aaaagggghhhhh. So here we are, a complete and hysterical uproar about bathroom sex while matters of national import are partisan fodder.

I used to get a hell of a bang out of Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, and in my particularly unlucid moments, the Keystone Cops. Oh the pratfalls, the pathetically human misadventures rendered comic; now I have Congress. Really, the Congress of the United States of America rendered slapstick comedy by a Party that takes itself ever so seriously, really now - the Party of Lincoln.

Try to wrap your head around the dynamics in operation here, sex has this bunch in an absolute uproar while a war launched on false information continues to kill Americans and Iraqis and you know perfectly good and well that they actually do know how stupid and badly this war is going. Sex is the thing. Vitter and hookers blew over pretty quickly, despite some of the problems that attach, that was "straight" sex (kind of) but this is creepy sex and not straight. Their brains will explode, their base is losing its mind, and the war grinds on, Americans are spied on, locked up without representation or hearing, war profiteers rake in the cash, ...

I take it back, its not slapstick; it's a Greek tragedy with a comic chorus

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