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Friday, July 27, 2007

Sorry Jazz - I feel the shame!

I missed this guest post by MEJ's own Jazz Shaw at Joe Gandelman's The Moderate Voice a couple weeks ago.
Empire is a Fleeting Thing
The devolution of American politics - and, by predictable contamination, American government itself - through the levels of partisan stonewalling to its current state of bloodsport may lead to the very real end of the great American experiment and our way of life. While this may sound like hyperbole to the various combatants, recent events have given me increasing concern that our great country, which I once viewed as the summit of humanity’s social evolution and very likely immortal, may indeed fall. Not to outside forces, to be sure, but to the internal decay which has most often laid low the empires that came before us.
And that's just the opening paragraph - you really should go read the entire thing.

I feel doubly guilty that I missed an excellent commentary and that it was by my friend and co-conspirator Jazz. Oh well, better late than never.

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