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Monday, July 02, 2007

Leahy Says He'll Fight

Is the rumble on? AP reports Patrick Leahy won't take "no" for an answer from the White House when he was asked on Meet the Press if he'd ask for a vote on contempt citations he said, " If they don't cooperate, yes I'd go that far," in the matter of the US Attorney firings. Then there's the White House spokesman Tony Fratto, "...there's simply no merit for this overreach."

Separately Leahy and Rep John Conyers have subpoenaed the White House for documents related to the warrant less wiretapping. BushCo has until 7/9 to explain their claim of executive privilege and Leahy and Conyers seem disinclined to care why. The White House makes the usual claim to need confidential advice. There happens to be a fly in that particular ointment, criminal activity certainly is excluded from any legal counsel shield, an officer of the court -as any lawyer is - is specifically barred from illegal activity or counseling it and loses all shielding.

Legal experts seem to think that this might drag out past January 2009, I'm not so sure; courts tend to take a dim view of official wrong-doing and might actually expedite. One can always hope. Considering some of the ramifications (like handcuffs) BushCo might be well served to get this one over with.

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