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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ed Morrissey on Gonzo

I noted below that the right has been slow to react to the performance of Alberto Gonzales yesterday. The often reasonable Ed Morrissey has weighed in.
The reversals, the constant reclarifications, and the lack of any sense of personal control by Gonzales at Justice makes him appear to be one of the more incompetent Cabinet officials in recent memory. No one made any case for corruption at yesterday’s hearing, but a lack of criminality should not be the base qualification for remaining at the head of the DoJ — especially during a time of war. As Gonzales continues to flounder in a sea of his own contradictions, one has to wonder why the White House continues to allow this bleeding to continue.

If the White House is shrinking from a confirmation hearing on a replacement for Gonzales, it should remember that the DoJ serves the nation, and the nation deserves a competent and capable chief for this critical point in history. If Bush clings to Gonzales out of a sense of loyalty, then he should consider the damage that personal loyalty has done to his own credibility and the credibility of federal law enforcement. Gonzales is a mistake he can rectify, and Bush should do so immediately.

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