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Thursday, July 05, 2007

David Broder says.....

....the problem with the United States is all the pesky citizens.
David Broder asks: what do they think this is, a Democracy? Well at least that seems to be what he is saying in his latest rambling column, A Mob-Rule Moment.
A particularly virulent strain of populism has made official Washington altogether too responsive to public opinion.
The nerve of those people to think that those they elect should actually listen to them.
In today's Washington, a badly weakened president and a dangerously compliant congressional leadership are no match for the power of public opinion -- magnified and sometimes exaggerated by modern communications and interest group pressure.
Sorry Mr Broder, I fail to see how politicians being "match for the power of public opinion" is a bad thing. Isn't that why we call them "representatives"?

Of course since Mr Broder sees himself as a centrist both Republicans and Democrats are "guilty" of listening to the people.
The latest cave-ins involve immigration and trade policy, and both seriously threaten the national interest.
The Republican base stopped the immigration bill and "labor and liberal groups" ended fast track trade agreements. We can see where Mr Broder's heart lies, the defeat of both of these bills was a blow to corporate America. The immigration bill would have given them cheap labor in the US and fast track trade makes it easier for corporations to take advantage of slave labor abroad. At least now we know why David Broder hates Democracy.

Ed Morrissey gets Broder exactly right:
At Heading Right, I take a look at Broder's cri de coeur over the use of "modern communications" in intimidating Congress into rejecting bad legislation. The paradigm has changed, and Broder appears unaware of it or incapable of understanding it -- perhaps because he has so much to lose.

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